October 15, 2008

BBC HD 5.1 and PQ updates

Another fine post over on the BBC Blog about HD services. First off, they've resolved the 5.1 audio problem:
The big issue of 5.1 / 2.0 switching. Thanks to everyone commenting on this blog and elsewhere to give feedback while we were trying switching options. It's now working, but not as well as we would like - for example, we still have more work to do before we can move between stereo and surround programmes without having to put silence between them.
And they've also addressed the sometimes ropey studio HD picture on Jonathan Ross:
We have looked at the whole studio, post-production and transmission chain to see what was causing the problems. There were a couple of processes that made some of the cameras quite noisy: these have now been addressed and last Friday's show (October 3rd) looked a lot better, but we are still trying to find ways to improve the quality across all programmes.
Read the full post from Andy Quested here.

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