October 03, 2008

Weekend highlights and On Demand update

Sorry, but it's the last picture of Gemma guys...Tess of the D'Urbervilles concludes on Sunday. It's been a fine adaptation that's looked great in HD. For those who don't know the book, the final episode won't be a barrel of laughs I can assure you.
Before that, The Tudors wraps up Friday with Anne Boleyn for the chop and Jonathan Ross offers the dubious pleasure of Alan Carr in HD. Urgghh.
Saturday evening is all repeats (including a second showing for this week's Silent Witness) except this week's Strictly Come Dancing, whereas Sunday's 11.55 presentation of Heroes should be the season premiere 'The Second Coming', although radiotimes.com is still listing the second episode 'The Butterfly Effect'.
Meanwhile, those looking to On Demand for their HD kick: Series 6 of The Sopranos has started appearing and should be around for a few weeks. Even better in my book (although not in HD) is HBO's The Wire Season One, now dribbling out episodes in the SD listings.


Capsid said...

Heroes Episodes 2(!) was simulcast on HD on Wednesday with the first episode on BBC2. So did I miss episode 1 on HD the previous Sunday?

Anonymous said...

@capsid Heroes episode 1 is (probably, unless Radio Times are right) being shown THIS Sunday. That's right, episode 2 was shown first and won't be shown in HD again after episode 1.

Nialli said...

Still looks like Sunday evening is going to be episode 1 in HD: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00dv5tn