October 27, 2008

New series of Spooks...no HD

There's a new series of one of the Beeb's best thriller series, Spooks, kicking off on BBC1 tonight, but yet again it has been shot in standard definition and won't be on BBC HD. Sure, they filmed Spooks-lite, BBC3's Spooks: Code 9, in HD earlier this year, but still the adult fare is not given the high quality treatment. It's not even a schedule clash; BBC HD is showing the Joanna Lumley Northern Lights documentary at 9pm :o(


dazza124 said...

Is spooks an endemol production?
If it was a BBC production then surely in would have been in HD.
Then again what production Co did Spooks COde 9

Afront said...

Yes, big disappointment that the new series of Spooks is not in HD.

Spooks Code 9 I expect was a CBeebies programme.

Speaking of Endemol/Zeppotron, I wonder if the excellent zombie-fest Dead Set on E4 is in HD?