January 16, 2010

Mad Men 3 True Blood 2

And how's that for a poster??
Mad Men season three kicks off on BBC HD on Wednesday, January 27th with a double episode at 10pm.
And those craving a second helping of True Blood will be pleased to hear that season two starts on FX HD on Friday, February 26th at 10pm. To see the second season trailer, have a look at this link to the FX website


tvsersity said...

Better late than never I guess, but anyone with access to the internet may well have seen both of these many months ago.

Remind me again, why does the UK *still* get US TVs so many months after the air date? I thought the internet was supposed to change things like that.

Erich said...

Both shows have been available to international broadcasters for ages. Usually, the delays are down to scheduling, and a lot of hand-wringing about whether they want to pick up the series at all.