January 28, 2010

Sky phasing out SD boxes and introduces a 1tb hard disc version

Sky is standardising on a single Sky+ HD receiver and introducing a new 1 terabyte PVR.
“Sky+ HD is our best box, it’s got a larger hard drive, greater processing power, it’s Ethernet enabled and is VOD and 3D Ready,” Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch said at an investor presentation in London.
Also announced, a new 1 terabyte Sky+ HD receiver that will store up to 240 hours of HD content. It will (initially) cost an extra £249.
Meanwhile, my SA V+ still chugs along recording HD programmes on a hit-n-miss basis, squeezing barely 20 hours of HD onto its 160gb disc...


BikeNutt said...

Off topic but...

Just noticed that last week's season6 opener of Gray's Anatomy (and 2 eps of Medium) are now showing under TV Choice on demand > HD.

It's not under Catchup TV > HD which still seems to be the preserve of BBC (i.e. iPlayer). There are currently 6 pages of content listed there too.

Are things finally starting to look up for HD on demand or is this done so there is something to shout about at the upcoming quarterly briefing I wonder??

BikeNutt said...

Sorry, should have posted that in the previous news item. Oops.