January 24, 2010

Not HD but...

Two new series start on Sky1 that will interest the masses, even if they're not available to us in HD:
Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica starts on Tuesday, Febuary 3rd with a double episode, and the sixth and final season of Lost begins on Friday, February 5th, again with a double episode. Both are 9pm, although the latter is preceded by a "the story so far" special at 8pm.
And if you didn't know, 24 is back tonight (Sunday) at 9pm.
Incidentally, Virgin's last quarter results and full 2009 results are due early in February and these announcements are often accompanied by the some new channels. Mind you, nothing happened last quarter, but maybe something on the HD front this time? ITV1 HD would be great. And Sky1 HD would be fabulous, albeit extremely unlikely.


tvsersity said...

You can get Lost in HD on iTunes, but not 24, as Fox UK seem to think UK customers don't want HD downloads. They give their US customers HD of course, and for a much lower price.

OLU said...

TRUE BLOOD season 2 showing 26th FEB 10pm
Well that what its says on FX web site

just check my virgin Media HD tv list that showing later and all i can see is NIP/TUCK still showing at TEN

Hope VM not going F**k us over by not showing it TRUE BLOOD

OLU said...

open a u.s account 4 itune
that way u can download it,

that what i did tho

Hope itune would not be after me after posting this here now lol

Nialli said...

VM will show True Blood on FX HD. You're getting your Jan 26 and Feb 26 confused