August 02, 2010

Cisco will provide VM TiVo boxes

This news from Broadband TV (click the link for the full piece):
Virgin Media has turned to long-term supplier Cisco for its first ‘TiVo inside’ set-top when the navigation technology becomes the cableco’s prime middleware later this year. However, plans to retrofit TiVo into the operator’s existing set-top boxes have hit a stumbling block after it emerged the technology was not suitable for all of the receivers currently deployed on the network.
A new Cisco personal video recorder is due to be shipped shortly before Christmas when TiVo will soft launch. The rollout is anticipated to get underway in earnest early in 2011.


brooza said...

I'll be very annoyed if they do roll out the upgrade to the Cisco boxes and people with Samsung boxes have to pay for a new box (I got a V+ box last week and it's a Samsung one)

joff81 said...

from the looks of the full artical it looks like everyone with a V+ HD box will have to pay for an upgrade if wanted. the SA and Samusng boxes are not software/Firmware upgradeable.

the new V HD box may get an update to intergrate TiVo but only at a basic (cut down) level.

looks like VM are doing the whole everyone wanting the latest tech (who currently have the latest offering from VM) will need to pay a premium again.

Erich said...

To be honest, I was a bit concerned about the sort of product they would be able to provide, when they initially claimed that Tivo would be available on all boxes, so it's definitely a good thing that they're not going to limit themselves to a stripped down version that will work on all boxes.