August 04, 2010

OFCOM takes on BSkyB over movies

"First-run Hollywood movies are particularly important to competition in the pay-TV sector," said Ofcom. "This is because they are highly attractive to a large number of consumers, who want subscription access to premium high-quality movies as close to their box office release as possible. Ofcom is concerned in particular that the way in which these movies are sold and distributed creates a situation in which Sky has the incentive and ability to distort competition."
Ofcom is also concerned that Sky will have the ability to dominate the subscription video-on-demand market for premium film when it launches such services. "In the longer term we are concerned that as Sky develops its subscription video-on-demand services, its current market power in relation to linear channels could be transferred across to these new services," the regulator said.
More on MediaGuardian. One has to question how valid a two-year investigation by the Competitions Commission will be, given the arrival of internet-enabled TVs and other IP services. In fact, will the Tories keep OFCOM around that long?


OLU said...

TV Size M+ - £1.00 increase (Prices for bundles which include TV Size M+ will also increase by £1.00 a month from October 1st 2010.)

Sky Premium Channels
As a result of Sky's increase in wholesale prices, our Sky Premium channel packs will also increase from October 1st.

Sky Sports 1 - £1.00 increase
Sky Sports 2 - £1.00 increase
Sky Sports Collection - £2.00 increase
Sky Movies 1 - £1.00 increase
Sky Movies 2 - £1.00 increase
Sky Movies Collection - £2.00 increase
Sky Sports & Movies Collection - £2.00 increase

OLU said...

You have to pay £70 to £90 a month in other to have movies or sport

Now they trying add more money after all they money sky and vm showed they just made last money

Looks like every one are now thieves starting from the banks

Seems we the costumers loose from all this

Square eyes said...


I think you will find that "if" the price goes up, it is because Sky have raised the cost - VM cannot provide these channels cheaper than Sky, that is part of the new agreement with wholesale pricing.

If you want someone to blame, blame Sky!