August 29, 2010

Returning US series

Here are the dates for some of the more popular US series returning Stateside. UK screenings are likely to follow, either same week (if on Sky1) or later.
Tuesday, Sept. 7
Sons of Anarchy, (Bravo)
Sunday, Sept. 19
Boardwalk Empire, (Sky1 - the new HBO drama)
Monday, Sept. 20
House, (Sky1)
Two and a Half Men, (Comedy Central)
Hawaii Five-0, (Bravo)
Tuesday, Sept. 21
Glee, (E4)
NCIS: Los Angeles, (Sky1)
Wednesday, Sept. 22
Modern Family, (Sky1)
Criminal Minds, (Living)
Law & Order: SVU, (Hallmark)
Cougar Town, (Living)
Thursday, Sept. 23
The Big Bang Theory,  (E4)
Bones, (Sky1)
30 Rock,  (Comedy Central)
Grey’s Anatomy, (Living)
CSI, (Five)
Fringe, (Sky1)
Private Practice, (Living)
The Mentalist, (Five)
Friday, Sept. 24
Smallville, (E4)
CSI: NY, (Five)
Supernatural, (ITV2)
Sunday, Sept. 26
The Simpsons, (Sky1)
Desperate Housewives, (C4 - 2011 UK debut probably)
Family Guy, (FX)
Dexter, (FX)
Brothers & Sisters, (E4)
Tuesday, Sept. 28
The Good Wife,  (C4)
Sunday, Oct. 3
American Dad (FX)
CSI: Miami, (Five)
Wednesday, Nov. 10
Lie to Me, (Sky1)
(I don't watch the majority of these so I may be wrong with some of the the UK channels I list - please let me know of any  mistakes and I'll correct the list)
BTW, the third season of True Blood won't be screened on FX HD until C4 shows the second season.


Moroboshi said...

Dexter may be starting again soon in the US but the new season won't show up in the UK for a very, very long time. FX UK are about 12 months behind ShowTime in the US.

Harkaway said...

Has Law & Order Special Victims Unit left Hallmark?

Nialli said...

My mistake - still on Hallmark. Corrected above

LewishamLovely said...

desperate housewives starts in october on C4 - they're not waiting till next year.

Harkaway said...

I meant to say thanks for doing this; it saves me doing it!

Also, I think Brothers & Sisters is on More4.

Tom Chiverton said...

Fringe starts October 5th, 2010 at 10:00pm according to