November 06, 2010

Disappointed by C4's The Event?

Me too - what a lethargic sub-Flash Forward waste of disc space. Try FX's The Walking Dead instead (FX HD, 10pm Fridays) - far superior and genuinely scary.
For those who missed this week's ad-free opening episode it is being repeated on Sunday (10pm), Monday (11pm) and Wednesday at 11pm.


matthew said...

Totally agree...The Event is just a none starter....Whereas The Walking Dead was excellent even more so for a TV series...and of course looking great in glorious HD

lee said...

The Event had a GREAT pilot, totally edge-of-the-seat stuff all the way through.

Thought I'd found my 24 replacement, but it has slowed down a lot...sticking with it for now though - I got through 6 years of Lost damnit!!

Erich said...

After the recent failures of genre shows like Heroes, Flashback and V, I'm frankly astonished that NBC would greenlight something as mediocre as The Event, or that anyone would stick with it past the truly horrendous first episode.

I haven't checked out The Walking Dead yet, but I plan to soon, and I hope it will be the first new show this season to impress me. It's been a pretty dire line-up so far.

Moroboshi said...

I agree 'The Event' is a non starter, but I wasn't terribly impressed by The Walking Dead either. It's just 28 Days Later in TV form, which is to say, a ripp off of a ripp off, as 28 Days Later was just a modified version of Day of the Triffids.

The production values seem fine but so far, so unoriginal. I liked the lack of ads though, - if only all TV was shown that way.

Moroboshi said...

Also, did anyone else find the picture quality on The Walking Dead extremely unimpressive? It looked like upscaled SD to me- really soft, and devoid of detail.

Square eyes said...

Would have to agree with Lee, the pace of the storyline has slowed some, however from what I have been reading the it will improve again.

Moroboshi is also correct with "The Walking Dead" it is very much a rip off of 28 Days Later.

Erich was right with "V", not a patch on the original series - but it does show promiss. Now "Flash Forward" just brilliant, the only reason the show was cancelled was becaese some bright spark thought an almast 5 month mid season break would be a good idea - not, that is the reason for the drop in viewing figures. Before the break Flash Forward broke viewing records, the it dropped due to the break, but on the downloaded side of the viewing, it was the highest.

If you want a good series to watch, try "The Gates" just finished it's first season in the USA, picked up for a second - you should give it a whirl

Erich said...

Flashforward didn't break any significant viewing records. It had a decent premiere of around 12 million viewers, which is hardly Earth shattering. In fact, it was lower or on par with many other ill-fated genre shows such as Bionic Woman and the Knight Rider remake, and it was a million miles away from Lost's ratings benchmark.

And the break didn't cause the dip in ratings. The break was a result of the dip, which started immediately following the first episode, where the show lost about 1/3rd of its audience in just two weeks, and then settled into a steady decline. It had lost nearly 50% of its audience before the break. And there was no 5 month break in the UK, where the ratings took a similar trajectory, so that excuse simply doesn't hold up.

Despite a moderately entertaining first episode, I thought Flashforward turned into a complete mess, and like The Event, one of its biggest problem was a completely hopeless cast.

Pete said...

28 days later was made after the walking dead comics were made.

Square eyes said...

Erich the record 12.4 million was for an ABC series premiere & in the USA the break started early December 2009 and the series did not resume until 19/03/2010 almost 4.5 months. Just for the record they don't cancel a series based on the viewing figures from the UK.

Moroboshi said...

@ Pete

Doesn't matter as few will be aware of the comics, and of course, Day of the Triffids and the Romero zombie movies pre-dated The Walking Dead comics by decades.

It's staggeringly unoriginal, which is why it's so surprising to see Frank Darabont attached to it. Maybe it gets better as it goes on.

lee said...

Regardless of any program missing...I miss my Boston Legal.

Denny Crane....


Erich said...

Erich the record 12.4 million was for an ABC series premiere
That's not even close to a record for ABC. Lost's premiere got more than 18 million viewers. Even V got nearly 14 million, and outside the sci-fi/fantasy genre, more than 21 million people tuned in for the first episode of Desperate Housewives, and there are countless other shows on the network that had bigger premieres.

in the USA the break started early December 2009 and the series did not resume until 19/03/2010 almost 4.5 months.
I wasn't questioning the length of the break, I was pointing out that the show had already lost nearly 50% of its audience before the break. The break was in no way, shape or form to blame for the ratings decline.

Just for the record they don't cancel a series based on the viewing figures from the UK.
Of course not. My point about the UK ratings was just further evidence that the show was hemorrhaging viewers even in territories that didn't have the 5 month break.

lala said...

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Pete said...

@moroboshi. Indeed it is unoriginal but at the risk of getting heavy what is original these days? Hopefully you will stay with TWD and see what makes it original its characters, and story arch, the zombies (the so-called unoriginal elemetns) are just a back drop for timelines human drama, yup you guessed it, man's inhumanity to man. If it follows the comics at all, its going to be good.

Moroboshi said...

@ Pete

Mad Men is original, as is Broadwalk Empire.

I gather the second episode of Walking Dead takes place in a shopping mall, a la Dawn of the Dead. Homage or ripp off, it's a fine line.