November 17, 2010

From Cable Forum and PocketLint

This post on Cable Forum caught my eye this lunchtime:
"Sky sports red button = To arrive in January 2011, thats 100% btw
ITV 2/3/4 HD will launch in the first quarter of next year
Sky Atlantic will launch the same time as on the Sky platform
CBS Drama will launch in the first quarter There are no more exclusives for Sky anymore, The basic HD channels are in the process of arriving."
Also, checkout this story on PocketLint about the TiVo
Virgin Media has unveiled the first glimpse of its forthcoming TiVo-powered box which Pocket-lint understands to be on the back of installers' vans for initial roll-out in December. It is planned that a select number of Virgin Media customers will have the product in time for Christmas.

It is unknown at present how much the box will cost, either for the kit itself or installation, but Pocket-lint expects that to become apparent over the next couple of weeks.

The TiVo-powered service may also be available in limited numbers to begin with, as there isn't much time for the company's engineers up and down the country to install the devices before the holidays. But it is expected that availability will become much more widespread in the new year.


Harkaway said...

Great news as always.

Has there been any word about when the SkyArts HD channels might launch?

Moroboshi said...

Good news about Sky Atlantic if true, although Mad Men should have stayed on BBC HD where it belongs.

As for no more Sky exclusives, well they still have several HD channels which virgin do not. When, for example, will we get History HD?

Tom Chiverton said...

"a select number of Virgin Media customers"
Yeah, we know 500 employees are getting them. Same thing ?

It'd be suicide to fully launch a brand new platform right before Xmas, no ?

. said...

Hey, over at DS forums some pics of the new box have been posted:

. said...

Oh, and by the way, the name's Phil. (Google profile seems to hide the name)

David Amor said...

Thanks Phil. Interesting. She's not the prettiest girl at the party, is she? :|