November 11, 2010

Rubicon cancelled before it hits the UK

The much-touted, critically praised Rubicon has been cancelled. US cable station AMC has announced that it will not be renewed for a second season so BBC4 and BBC HD will be showing the first and only season when it premieres the show shortly. A shame - I haven't seen it yet but it was regarded as a slow burning quality drama,  much like AMC's Mad Men and Breaking Bad. 
Not all bad news though from AMC: Walking Dead (showing here on FX HD) has been renewed for a second season.


Square eyes said...

Shame, really enjoyed this, twists & turns not really knowing which characters to trust. The show showed some real promiss.

Rod said...

Just too sloooooooooooow and then watched all episodes good characters but needed a storyline that was going somewhere with an ending but just faded out altogether.