January 22, 2012

New TiVo upgrade being tested

Virgin Media is piloting a small new code release for TiVo in a small number of areas at the moment.
In addition to a number of fixes after this software release a number of unsupported Apps will cease to work as these Apps create stability risks to the TiVo platform.
Virgin says "We know you're interested in using this sort of companion app so we're hard a work adding adding new features to our forthcoming TiVo Buddy app which we'll be launching later this year."
Jason has a longer post on this if you want to know more.
UPDATED: the "Apps" referred to aren't on the TiVo but to control the TiVo from smart phones or tablets.


howardmicks said...

what a joke love my tivo commander app,Now there gonna stop me from using it and then probably after wait 8-9 months for there official one knowing vm.Great another coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moroboshi said...

TiVo as an app platform seems to be a dead end. There's nothing of interest on there beyond iPlayer and the rather limited Spotify app. Perhaps it's just down to the number of users, or Virgin's lack of enthusiasm for the platform, but there seems to be a lot of potential squandered.

Why doesn't TiVO have Netflix at least? (as it does in the US) Or even LoveFilm's dreadful streaming service?

Martine93 said...


Well i look forward to the BBC News App and BBC Sport App which is coming to TiVo this quarter.

Also Virgin Media have said " We’re working with Sky to develop Red Button interactive services, including an app for our TiVo® service " http://my.virginmedia.com/customer-news/articles/F1announcement.html

That Sky Sports red button app is very likely to come this quarter .



Buzby said...

Netflix on UK Tivo? No chance. It's a competing service, and they're not going to promote a platform that gives an open door to a better value content provider.

Richard said...

VM have stated they are not into content anymore and into being a platform for content. (and there is lots of evidence to support their claim)
Its up to Netflix to develop the app and nothing is stopping them.

I understand where you are coming from and I miss using the US tivo app for IOX which doesn't work now.

However, I think (if I were to bet) summer is when I would expect the app rather than christmas.
We know the IOX app has been in development and test cycles for about 5 months. I assume they are developing the andriod one too.
(I am guessing the app development and test cycles have flagged issues which is why they have stopped third party apps accessing the tivo core)

But just to be clear, it is not VM developing the IOX/android app, it is TIVO developing it for VM.

AND it was TIVO who had the android app removed from the android store and have implemented the f/w changes to stop it working not VM.
Just want to be clear on that as we blame VM but it isnt their developers who write the f/w.

Martin1887 said...

The Net Remote still works with the new TiVo update ( the iOS Peanut app also stll works )

" Has anyone who has had the update tried my Net Remote? I do not use the same protocol as TiVo Commander, I am using the interface on port 31339 which needs no authentication "


"Net Remote is still working with the new update "


Here is some More info to why it they still work.


Buzby said...

@Richard - FilmFlex is content as is their On Demand films service.
I can watch more, for less using Netflix than I can with VM's pay as you use, it is THIS content I'm referring to, NOT their fading 'channel' aspirations.

Martin1887 said...


Read this

" In the States, TiVo Premiere also offers third-party entertainment services from Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI), Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX), Pandora, Rhapsody, MusicChoice, Live365 and more. So could Virgin’s Brit TiVo offer equivalents like Lovefilm and Spotify?

“We’re talking to everybody - all those that you named and more,” says Rose. “We’re very open to all of them. It’s just a question of doing the right deal, making sure our customers actually want it - power to the people; we’re a Virgin company. We’ve got an online forum we’re moderating to ask what they want.”

FilmFlex is still the primary movie VOD partner going through Virgin - but Rose says that’s not prohibitive to someone like Lovefilm: “It would have to be the right deal commercially and add value. If Lovefilm came along and said ‘we’ve got something that adds to this’, we’d be the first ones to embrace them - we’re not precious about that. "


gmcausland said...

I'm seriously thinking of jacking in VM TV services and going to Freeview FreeSat or that other new one. It's full of endless repeats duplicated by many channels and I don't see what is the point of paying for it anymore when I get this stuff for free. Especially as VM seem to be dragging their feet in developing content for TIVO. I will stick with my phone and BB though.

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