March 07, 2012

US series updates - it lives! It dies!

New US series - how often do you start watching and then find they cancel your latest favourite show just when it gets interesting? Well, here's the latest word from on the status of some of our more popular imports.
Cancelled series:
Terra Nova (Sky1 HD)
Charlie's Angels (E4 HD)
House (Sky1 HD)
Pan Am (BBC HD)
Touch and go:
Fringe (Sky1 HD)
Cougar Town (Sky Living HD)
Alcatraz (Watch HD)
CSI: NY (Sky Living/Five HD)
CSI: Miami(Sky Living/Five HD)
Ringer (Sky Living HD)
Nikita (Sky Living HD)
Likely to be renewed:
Touch (Sky1 HD)
Grimm (Watch HD)


Square eyes said...

typical yanks,

terra nova - slow to start, but finised really well

nikita & alcatraz - both are great

touch - the first episode shows promiss

the yanks would not know a good series if it was to creep up behind them & bite them in the ass.

TheHynooToad said...

Cant believe terra nova been cancelled was brilliant

Moroboshi said...

Can't say I'm too fussed about any of those, but there are new series of Mad Men and Game of Thrones about to hit, which I'll certainly watch.

lee said...

Terra Nova may be bought by someone else, but assuming reduced costs and no Spielberg (he just CAN'T do TV, can he?)

Also, Fringe apparently is "safe bet" now, but reduced funds. But I'd rather have slightly cheaper fring than none at all!!

Unknown said...

TiVo to go on tablets
By Chris Dziadul
March 7, 2012 23.11 Europe/London

CABLE CONGRESS 2012 – BRUSSELS. Virgin Media registers a TiVo installation every 15 seconds and will make it available on tablets from this September, according to Neil Berkett, the company’s CEO.

Speaking in a panel discussion entitled Follow the customer, not the cable, he added that the service now has over 500,000 subscribers and will in due course embrace OTT.

In answering a question on whether Apple’s content strategy represented an opportunity or threat, Berkett said that if Apple were to dominate the entertainment market, cable companies would have to change their business model.

However, cable is flexible and certainly in the case of Virgin Media the company stays ahead of the curve.

Gooner_Adam said...

Sad to see House go, but this season has become stale after a promising start.