March 30, 2012

Virgin Media announces new bundles called 'Collections'

Information from What HiFi:
Virgin Media announces new bundles called 'Collections', there are three tiers: 
Essential: TiVo (500GB) + M+ TV pack (6 HD channels) + 30Mb broadband £25/month
Premiere: TiVo (500GB) + V HD box + XL TV pack (23 HD channels) + 60Mb broadband + six months free Spotify £45/month + ESPN HD
VIP: TiVo (1TB0 + TiVo (500GB) + XL TV pack (36 HD channels) + 100Mb broadband + Sky Sports and Movies + ESPN HD + six months Spotify £95/month
The new Collections are available to both new and existing customers looking to update their services. Customers on the older broadband tiers such as 10Mb and 20Mb are being upgraded at no extra cost as part of Virgin Media's 'Double Speeds' programme.
(As has been commented on elsewhere, these promoted prices don't appear to include the required phone package of £13.90 a month. Naughty, although I've seen Sky do likewise in their marketing.)


p said...

Are you sure the VIP package is correct, on the Virgin Media site itself they have it as the second box is simply a V HD box and 3 months Spotify and it will be £90 a month.
Plus they mention the 100MB will become 120MB as part of the upgrade.

streaky_7 said...

So I'm an existing VIP50 customer. And I pay over £100. But the above collections do not include telephone yeah? Is that the difference?

Danil said...

It worth to mention that "All prices are when taken with a Virgin Home Phone line at £13.90 per month" (source

Bofrok said...

Second box is VHD, BenMcr confirmed this to me on Cable Forum. Originally posted by Virgin Media as 1Tb and a 500Gb TiVo boxes.

Unknown said...

Just checked their website now that it has gone live, and they are now advertising on the TiVo section as having 4 tuners.

"Record 3 channels while watching a fourth".

This seems new to me as at present, on Tuesday nights, I either have to watch a recording live or a recorded show.

Also as my contract is up for renewal, I asked about new channels and I was told that there are some scheduled for mid to late April, including AlibiHD. I didn't think the latter was coming till July.

Snowy Brighton said...

Don't know why I came up as unknown...sorry.

SASLord said...

I have just upgrade my standard box to a TIVO box. I already have a V+box and two phone lines and Broadband. By moving to the new collections my bill is now £7.00 Cheaper. I will have TV-XL, BB 30mb and the two phone lines. I also got them to install and active it for free.