July 04, 2012

BBC 3D update

I'll be the first to admit that recent 3D experiences at the local Picturehouse have been pretty impressive (Avengers and Prometheus) but I still can't get excited about putting glasses on for home viewing. Regardless of my misgivings, the BBC is lining up a host of 3D on BBC HD this summer (before the channel changes to BBC2 HD in the autumn). Selected coverage of Wimbledon's 2012 Ladies' and Men's singles finals will be shown in 3D this weekend and there will be some coverage of the Olympics, including the opening and closing ceremonies, the Men's 100m final and a highlights package at the end of each day will be shown in 3D too. Finally the Last Night of the Proms will be on the BBC's HD channel on September 8th. It's likely to prove the only reason to don dark glasses this "summer"...

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