July 04, 2012

Eurosport HD to become British Eurosport 1 HD

British Eurosport 1 will get a high definition simulcast channel on Virgin Media on July 25th, promising "a more UK focus to the HD sporting coverage". That means though that Eurosport International will disappear (and presumably much of its cycling coverage) and, unlike Sky customers, we're not getting Eurosport 2 HD.
Not a viewer of the channel myself but it sounds to me that those who are currently enjoying the Tour de France coverage in HD will be getting a raw deal after the 25th.
Details at British Eurosport HD (and that odd cropping on the logo appears to be intentional branding!)


nick said...

No great loss, I don't think I've ever watched anything on Eurosport.

Shame that it's not on VM though for those that do. No explanation as to why either.

SASLord said...

I do watch motor sport on on Eurosport and this is a step backwards for Virgin media customers. I can see many races being SD only because they are on BE2 where as at the moment they are also on Eurosport HD. LEMAS 24h is a good example. You can however pay a small fee for eurosport player and get even more coverage than sky. Proble solved.

Chris Clarke said...

This is poor from Eurosport. Having International is like having a third channel, and without it there will be less Cycling coverage, which is something Eurosport did excellently.

And why don't we get BE2 HD on Virgin? Yet again a second class service fromVM