May 09, 2014

Netflix fixes price for existing customers for two years

"In order to continue adding more films and TV programmes, we are increasing our price from £5.99 to £6.99 for new members. As a thank you for being a member of Netflix already, we guarantee that your plan and price will not change for two years.–The Netflix Team"
Unfortunately The Guardian is reporting that "Netflix will allow subscribers to continue paying £5.99 a month if they opt for a lower-resolution "SD" quality service. It also has a multiple-users service for £8.99 a month which allows four users to view programmes at the same time on a single monthly account. So that's actually a price increase of £2 for the same service (we currently have HD and multi-user access) - not sure how accurate the Grauniad is on this as I can't see any reference to this in any coverage.
Update: Netflix assure me that :
"The quality will not change at all. You will still have the same quality. It is that new members will see an increase in the price, but you will not be affected."


Arjun Taheem said...

with the amount i use netflix I'm actually not that bothered about this. I dont mind paying an extra pound if it means more quality stuff added.

sibod said...

An example to all other service providers. How about a gesture of loyalty with Mobile contracts, Sky and Virgin subscriptions, etc?

NowTV tried to up the price but they got caught with loads of system issues and complaints about lack of content.

Netflix deserve all the goodwill they generate!