May 10, 2014

Now TV On Demand off the menu

Sky Atlantic on demand on Now TV has started removing content. Here's the feeble response on the Now TV community board:
"We've received questions from customers in the past few days about the availability of Game of Thrones seasons 1-3. All three seasons have now left the service, as originally planned.

 We're really sorry if anybody didn't have the time to get through all of the episodes. We made a big thing out of when they all became available two months ago, and hoped everyone would be able to watch them all in that time.

If we'd kept Game of Thrones for longer, it'd mean that you could watch the first three seasons, but then would miss out on episode one of season four, which is also leaving the catch up service. Catch up episodes are available for 30 days from broadcast.

The NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass is designed to showcase the newest and best entertainment content Sky channels have to offer, supported by previous seasons of the same shows to let people catch up on what they've missed."

The cynics would suggest it's simply a poorly executed marketing ploy for the satellite service. Believe in Upselling...


sibod said...

Or on other words: "We're trying to maximise profits by providing the absolute minimum service we can get away with, hoping you wont notice". "We're sorry you did notice, but it's your fault for singing up later than exactly on the first day to see all 3 seasons. Oh, and we make no distinction between Catch Up services and Box Set, so that's your fault for not guessing. We're competing with Netflix and Amazon, but only as far as our marketing goes, but in reality, it's just a cheap way of getting our piss poor service that we offer our Sky subscribers at 4x the price!"
"Oh, and by the way, please sign up to a full sky package!"

sibod said...

oh and it's kicked off (sorry for the pun) after a major Liverpool vs Newcastle match caused NowTV and SkyGo to completely crumble today. At about 3pm, everything stopped working for a significant number of users of NowTV (and SkyGo). The forums and Twitter are flooded with complaints!

Nialli said...

Just checked out the Now TV Facebook posts - unbelievable, the whole service has been down all afternoon. I watched the football today via Virgin Media, having consigned my Now TV box to the bottom of a cupboard a week ago.
Awful, awful service. Feel sorry for those who bought it in good faith, believing in "better". OFCOM should investigate (but won't).

DaBozUK said...

Silly Sky. Don't you know people are expecting on demand to work like Netflix, not broadcast TV. Bless 'em.