June 03, 2014

Four million served

I don't give this blog always the close attention I used to, but I noticed just now that we've now clicked passed over four million page views served. That's pretty neat.
We've come a long way from the old days of Virgin Media having just BBC HD broadcasting in the evenings a mishmash of repeats for a few hours, so well done those who've been here since day one, and thanks to all for popping by every now and again to see what's going on. The audience for this blog is pretty regular still at 50k hits a day, so here's to the next 4m pages served!


Narayana Rao said...

Congratulations. Added your blog in my news.


Terry B said...

Thanks for this blog, I too remember just having BBC HD channel, the only channel in HD, I now have my tv with Sky, but still have telephone an BB with Virgin, in fact, I think it's over 17 years, I have been with Virgin, and it's many names, started wit Nynex. I have popped onto this blog, on and off for a good number of years. All the best with this popular blog. :-)