June 03, 2014

New to Netflix

Keep an eye on the excellent MAFT blog to learn what's arrived on (or departed from) Netflix overnight. Netflix is a funny place - some complain about a second-rate film catalogue but I always find loads of great films and the TV lineup is second to none. What's really great though is they've invested in the infrastructure and the quality of the picture is out of this world. Anyone at Now TV paying attention?
So gone today is the first Hunger Games movie, which didn't strike me as anything special but then I'm not the target audience, but arriving are a couple of classics Pulp Fiction and City of God, whilst Joss Whedon fans not only have Cabin in the Woods and Avengers Assemble but also Much Ado About Nothing too. Having recently watched Ryan Gosling in Drive I was delighted to see last year's Only God Forgives appear, and Terry Gilliam's back catalogue is almost complete now. Throw in Woody Allen's better movies (Annie Hall and Manhattan) and a smattering of Spielberg (Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Munich, War of the Worlds, Amistad) and that's me set for the summer. It's not Sky Movies, but then it's not over twenty quid a month either (or whatever the Sky Movies HD add on is these days). For me, Netflix is the future and can only get better. Great TV, a fine selection of movies, all presented in stunning 1080p.


tassiekev said...

Totally agree - another plus (important to me) is the amount of stuff with 5.1 sound, still haven't managed to get anything other than stereo out of Prime/Lovefilm except for one movie which I accidentally paid for!! Yet another plus (important to my 94 years young Mother) is the availability of subtitles on lots of shows.
Well done Netflix.

Superdelphinus said...

And some showing in even more stunning 4k resolution these days. Netflix is the future I reckon

Stephen Young said...

Re your comments about Now TV :-

Unlike you up until the last episode of GoT I have used the catch up feature to watch shows. Last night I decided to watch GoT live.

Although not a patch on Netflix for quality I have found Now TV fairly stable and the live stream proved to be no different.

Perhaps it is the Now TV box that is at fault? I'm using the app on my Roku 3 to access the service. My only issue at the moment is the rumoured price increase. I may just have to wait for the Blu Ray release in future.