July 05, 2014

A couple of small things...

First, the good news: my broadband this weekend is solid as a rock. This reading's on my MacBook over the wireless from the Superhub about three metres away, which is pretty good (if I plug the laptop in direct it's around the 125mbps mark). So well done Virgin for sorting out last weekend's problems.
Now the less good: someone hacked onto this blog overnight and posted a bad link to malicious code. I don't think many saw it and I took the post down and reported it as soon as I found out, but if you see any posts on this site and that don't look genuine, please don't click on any links within.


mike hogan 63 said...

I have just checked my speed check I have got a rating of 16.33
on my superhub that is good for the Holloway area

Unknown said...

14.59mbps. Usual junk. Paying for 120mbps.