July 06, 2014

Virgin Broadband - is it less reliable these days?

Since I posted about my problems with Virgin broadband (and TV) last weekend I've received a number of emails and comments from other customers who have found the service disappointing or frustrating in recent months. Is this due to (unadvertised) engineering work for the much-promoted speed increases or a sign of something more worrying? I don't know, but top right is a quick poll to see how visitors to this blog feel Virgin Media's broadband service is fairing these days.


Tom Chiverton said...

NTL have always had shoddy internet connections. It's why I'm happy to take them for TV, but still have an ADSL line (which gets me ~15meg, more than fast enough for any sane person) from a supplier with a clue (Zen), rather than a race to the bottom of price and service.

DaBozUK said...

15 meg? Youch. I think I'm lucky, we had some outages a few years back when kids trashed a junction box a few times, and the odd brief total service fail (on demand etc) but in the last 2 years it's been good. Especially now we're on 30meg and about to upgrade to 50 meg for free (that's the cheapest broadband deal).

lukep94 said...

no I don't think virgin broadband is less reliable at peek times it does drop to around 60-70 (i'm on 152mb)and at non peer times i'm right up to 152mb sometimes 140-145mb but that's still good in my books. a slow or older computer can make the broadband seem slower.