July 19, 2014

Virgin broadband reliability poll

Just a quick word on the recent broadband poll regarding its reliability: 44% (159 voters) said that they have found VM broadband just as reliable over the last twelve months, whilst 41% said it was less reliable and only 14% thought it had improved. 
That's not great reading for Virgin as it embarks upon yet another expensive marketing campaign boasting about how great everything is for VM customers. With the big speed hike in the offing for many, let's hope VM can sort out some of the basics and give us what we are actually paying for, otherwise it will all end in tears. DNS stability would be a good start, as would Superhub 2 upgrades for those of us still struggling with the original Superhubs.


Tom Chiverton said...

Or, put another way, most people find the service as good or better than a year ago.

You wont get a good service without paying for it. Getting it bundled 'for free' with your TV isn't.

Paul O'Hare said...

Agree, it is actually saying that most people think that it is no worse than a year ago. Which I would say is a good thing from Virgin Media's perspective.

Looks like you made your mind up about what you wanted the results to say before you really looked at them.

Mark said...

Yeah, 44% and 14% constitutes a majority giving the service a favourable review.

Nialli said...

I did consider not posting at all on the poll as it didn't really tell us anything conclusive either way, but on reflection I thought that 41% thinking the service had deteriorated was worth a comment.

Unknown said...

It's really pointless polling VM users. Half of the online customer base is only interested in slagging them off for everything.

In addition your location plays a MASSIVE part in how VM's services perform. At home our area despite being very heavily populated is undersubscribed, and we get the full speeds we pay for 24/7.

Go ~1.5 miles down the road to my grandmothers house and her area's heavily oversubscribed and her speeds are terrible.

Nialli said...

What I asked was whether they thought reliability had improved or declined over the last year, so for most it would be a valid question. My service was very good last year. This year it's been patchy with several local outages.