August 11, 2014

Now TV introduces a weekly Sky Sports pass

BSkyB's Now TV service, which first began introduced a £9.99 day pass for Sky Sports 18 months ago, has announced a Sky Sports weekly pass available from Thursday, August 14th. Now TV customers will be able to access Sky's seven sports channels for £10.99 a week. Be warned though that from 27 November this will rise to £14.99. The day pass will also be reduced to £6.99 for a limited promotional period.
Of course, they need to sort out the much-discussed service problems they have had with the internet-based service before anyone will pay anything methinks (the whole service went infamously pop during the final day of the last Premiership season due to "unforeseen" demand, ditto every live episode of Game of Thrones). The new pay-as-you-go Sky Sports may suit some folk - someone who is only interested in a particular tournament such as a Test match or golf tournament may find it cost effective- but the picture quality and reliability would need to improve dramatically before I put my money anywhere near it for live sports viewing.

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Rick Mills said...

It's a flawed, and dying platform IMO. It's just too expensive and too unreliable.

The sad thing is, streaming from a pirated source is not only higher quality, but free. How is it that Sky can get it so very wrong.

They know their customer base, they know which shows are popular, yet they keep failing to add extra capacity. If they'd farmed this out to a decent platform such as Amazon AWS, it'd never have been an issue as they could just scale up as needed.