August 07, 2014

Virgin Media Q2 2014 Financial Results

Before Liberty Global bought Virgin Media the quarterly results used to make interesting reading. Sadly, under LG they're pretty much indecipherable and you need a degree in business speak to understand them Here's the latest Liberty Global press release. Here are a few of the highlights I understood:

  • Revenue has increased 3% to £1.054 billion in Q2 and 2% to £2.098 billion in the year to date.
  • Customer losses reduced in Q2 and year to date due to higher acquisitions and lower churn year on year.
  • Strong take-up of new 50+ Mbps speeds, with an increase of 424,400 in Q2 
  • 60% of TV subscribers in Q2 have TiVo compared with 44% at the end of Q2 2013

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