August 03, 2014

VM survey on iPlayer and Netflix TiVo performance

If you have issues with BBC iPlayer or Netflix on the TiVo you can let Virgin know via this survey on their community boards:
Personally, I find the TiVo's iPlayer and Netflix picture quality worse than my Sony TV's own Apps, in fact iPlayer HD on the TiVo is pretty much unwatchable most evenings and I've stopped even trying it. 


Unknown said...

I have given up watching Netflix on TiVo as the picture constantly buffers between HD and SD if it plays at all, aip-701 errors etc. Ps3 is better but over Wi-Fi sometimes buffers as well. I connected my ps3 and Xbox via tp link power line adapters and full HD straight away.

Jon said...

I have to say Netflix quality is great here. Good quality HD - mostly 1080p for the shows I watch. My only frustration is with the time it takes to load any app. Not acceptable in 2014!

Unknown said...

All tivo apps are way too slow so I stopped using that and I won't try them again till I read here that the speed has improved