September 20, 2014

Now TV Entertainment price rise

It was only a matter of time - anyone watching the last season of Boardwalk Empire or the first of Leftovers on Sky Atlantic via Now TV is in for a surprise. Sky is raising the monthly fee from £4.99 to £6.99 from October 16th. That's before those two series finish their current runs. Now you may call me a cynic but isn't that just bloody typical??

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sibod said...

Sky are trying to shift the price up as much as pssible. Expect a £1 increase on top of that next year, at least twice.

I fully expect them to try to hift to making it more expensive than their Sky TV platform, thus forcing people to consider it instead.

Already you can get Sky HD for £10.75 a month, with a £50 voucher, and free HD bo - if you sign up via a special link. In fact, for £19 a month you get Sky movies too - instead of £16.99.

I'm sure VM do similar deals for new customers, and then there's TalkTalk offering Sky channel bundles for £5-10 each.