September 12, 2014

TiVo US announces new monster TiVo beastie

TiVo in the US has announced the TiVo Mega which has a ridiculous 24TB of storage capacity, capable of holding up to 26,000 hours of SD or 4,000 hours of HD.
The Mega also includes six tuners and in the US will have whole-home networking capability (Ethernet and MoCA); and will provide universal search capability across cable, video-on-demand and web apps (including YouTube and Netflix).
The TiVo Mega will be available in the US only early 2015 at a price that is expected to be around $5,000 (£3.2k), although final pricing is still to be determined. “Mega is TiVo’s high-end product meant for the ultra-entertainment enthusiast,” say TiVo. “Mega marries unprecedented storage with the all-in-one approach to live, recorded, on-demand television that gives consumers what they want on any screen, wherever they are.”
I think it's fair to say that this won't be standard issue from Virgin Media...

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Richard said...

If you had asked me a year ago I would have said.... I want one.
Now I'm not sure how relevant it is when we have such a great on demand sweet of services.
Do we need such a monster drive when half the series we watch are on demand?