September 20, 2014

Wifi Buddy debuts for Android

What's this? A Virgin Media App that's for Android only?? Can it be true?
Apparently so. Wifi Buddy is not on Apple devices so Android fans fill your boots:
Meet your WiFi Buddy 
We all want superfast speeds when surfing the internet on our mobiles but sometimes it slows up when you’re out of a WiFi zone. That’s why we’ve created our Virgin Media WiFi Buddy app – exclusively for Virgin Mobile customers – that automatically connects you to public WiFi hotspots. It means you won’t eat into any of your mobile data and it’s much quicker than 3G, too. The app actively hooks you up to free access to tens of thousands of WiFi hotspots in the UK and more than 19 million worldwide. Sweet! It’s only available on Android handsets for now, so visit the link below to download from Google’s Play Store, and stream to your heart’s content!

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