November 11, 2014

TiVo update from Spiderplant

Rollouts since my last post on this: 
Cambridge, Hemel, Perth, Luton, Swindon, Reading, Stafford, Manchester, Perth, Falkirk, Southport, Croydon, Teesside, Uddingston, Coventry, Warwick, Cardiff, Southampton, Manchester, Wearside, Brighton, Colchester, Andover, Ashford, Bromley, Colchester, Derby, Hemel, Kirklees, Exeter, Plymouth, Norwich, Oxford, Seven Kings, Watford, Southampton, Stafford, Stoke, Swansea, Swindon, Teesside, Uddingston, Wessex, York
Areas done today (Tuesday):


Humza Shakeel said...

When is Birmingham going to be updated? 2nd largest city in the country and havent been updated yet

adrian robinson said...

Blackpool done today too

Dazz285 said...

Guys don't rush to get it as it's very laggy...

Humza Shakeel said...

Its the hardware rather than the software itself which is reason for the lag although the software does have a part to play ...I can only imagine that if a new tivo box does come out in the future then it will have to be a lot faster than it is right now, samsing make the boxes so there is hope

Nialli said...

Samsung don't make all the TiVo's - Cisco was the original supplier and still provides boxes I believe.
I've asked Spiderplant if there will be any speed improvement when the whole network's TiVos are on the same software revision. Maybe whilst it's a mixed estate the speed is compromised?

Peter said...

I live in the Uddingston area and no update to the Tivo software as yet Thursday 13/11/2014

matthew smith said...

Does anyone know when area 03 will be updated?

matthew smith said...

(Raynes park, South West London)