November 16, 2014

Top TiVo Tips revisited

When the TiVo first appeared on Virgin Media I posted some Top Tips for getting the best out of the new box. Since then over a million further customers have the joys of the TiVo in their homes, so here are those tips, and a few others, again:
  1. To reboot the TiVo don't yank out the power lead without trying to do a soft reboot on the interface first: Thumb Down - Thumb Up - Play - Play
  2. To move up and down a list a page at a time, use the Channel Up and Down buttons
  3. To quickly delete a recording, select and press Clear
  4. To improve the picture quality of SD channels, ensure that both 720p and 1080i are selected in video out
  5. If (4) makes your TV judder too much when switching between SD and HD, just select 720p
  6. (the next few are from erstwhile mega commenter Streaky7) just press the play button when you are on a show - you don't have to go through all the options to then select play show.
  7. Remember the Tivo will pick up all the recordings but it will not record them all. It recognises when you have a programme/episode recorded so doesn't record it again 
  8. HD NUT? When you set up a wishlist, then go to Category and select HD. This will mean when the programme/film you want to record comes on, it will record the HD version = be aware though, if there is no HD version and only SD, and you have HD selected in category, then it probably wont record it in SD!
  9. Hiccups Folder - My Shows & Recordings on the main menu (home button), then select 'Recording Hiccups'. Here you can see why recordings are failing to record if you are wondering
  10. (And from Commenter Richard) Quick jumps in menus
    pressing channel up or down when in a menu with a list takes you to the top or bottom option in the menu.
    EPG to search in a single click(courtesy of CWaring)
    Pressing ‘Last CH’ (aka button on bottom right of peanut ) whilst in the full EPG will take you to the "Search All TV" page.
    Understanding the FF or Rew
    FF and Rew have 3 speeds; the more times you press the faster it goes.
    Press the 4 time and it is back to the slowest of the 3 speeds.
    FF and Rew also have a ‘reaction’ control when you press play. 
    @ speed 1, Play just starts from the point you press it. you should react fast enough when you press the play. 
    @ speed 2 and 3, when you press play it bounces back (or forward when rew) a few second. (30 at fastest I think!)
    To prevent the reaction bounce, press Pause instead and then play.
    Missed something (or I’m bored of this bit!!)
    In a recording or buffer (ie regular viewing)
    • Jump backward 8 seconds... Use the ‘back’ button (@ 7oclock from the yellow pause)
    • Jump forward 30 seconds... Use the forward button (@ 5oclock from the yellow pause)
    • Press and hold these buttons to jump to the start or finish of a recording.
    Pausing a 2nd (or 3rd turner)
    You can switch between tuners by pressing Info, then scrolling down to the bottom icons. Then you can switch between tuners and pause any of them to go back to them later. note the buffer is only an hour (I think) so if you want to pause for longer – press the record button!
    Super short cut keys (courtesy of Miker @ tivo community) 
    The good old shortcuts still work - though it's "home" and not "TiVo" button:
    • Home+Home : My recordings (now playing)
    Home+1 : Manage series links
    Home+2 : Planned recordings (todo list)
    Home+3 : Wishlists
    Home+4 : Search all TV
    Home+5 : Browse all TV
    Home+0 : full screen TV + pause ?
    • Pressing CLEAR works as a shortcut for delete on most pages - most handy on the "my shows" page
    • Press SKIP >| to quickly jump to the top or bottom of long lists , e.g. My Shows
    • Channel up/down works as page up/down in lists
    • Press and hold TEXT switches your TV AV sources - that's how I flip between VM TiVo / TiVo S1 / DVD
    • Press and hold POWER button turn turn TV on/off - a short press makes TiVo go into standby
    • Press SLOW to toggle mini TV screen at top right
    • Pressing UP while watching a recording, cycles the output through all the available video formats. e.g. 576p / 1080p
    • Pressing OK while watching Live TV or a recorded program brings up a small 3 line TV listing guide


Tom Chiverton said...

Holding text does indeed bring up the native TV input switcher, but because NTL haven't got themselves organised with ELEC (also the reason you have to teach the remote how to change TV volume) yet, you can't use the Tivo remote to control that manual, so it's pointless.

BK said...

Is there no way to make the full epg start at the channel currently viewing?