November 06, 2014

TiVo updates, update

Spiderplant reports these areas updated Thursday 6th: Most of Barnsley (Barnsley, Bradford, Castleford, Doncaster, Halifax, Wakefield) Bristol Glasgow (now includes Irvine) Peterborough Teeside.
My updated TiVo did a funny yesterday when I woke it up around 7.30pm - a spinning wheel for around a minute then a "c501 error" warning when I tried to access My Shows. Pressed TV and then hit My Shows again and it was okay, albeit a little slugging for a few mins. Anyone else had this?
If you explore the menus, there's something in the Settings about "Other TiVos on this network" (or words to that effect). As my other box is an old V+ I haven't been able to check this out - has anyone else had a look?


Paul Toe Robinson said...

I am in Glasgow and don't have the TiVo update yet :(

Andrew Mckenzie said...

Not in Dumbarton near Glasgow