April 12, 2016

Netflix price rise in May

Prices for Virgin Media's Netflix customers on the original £5.99 deal will be rising as Netflix ends its legacy pricing for long-term subscribers. New pricing takes affect in May.
Currently, Netflix offers three package tiers in the UK for new customers: Basic, Standard, and Premium:

  • Basic, at £5.99 per month, allows users to log in on only one screen at a time, and only offers standard definition picture quality. 
  • Standard, at £7.49 per month, gets you HD content (up to 1080p), and access on two screens at once. 
  • Premium, at £8.99 a month, includes the  4K quality and allows up to four screens to be logged in simultaneously.

Netflix says that VM customers currently enjoying the £5.99 legacy pricing will be rising to the current £7.49 that a new member would pay for Standard – a £1.50 increase. The increase follows a similar move in the US, where long-term customers currently paying $7.99 for the Standard package will be facing a two dollar increase, taking it to $9.99 per month. For Americans, it's the second Netflix price increase since new pricing models and the introduction of the Basic plan were announced in May 2014, which bumped the $7.99 package to $8.99 at the time. But then the American Netflix catalogue is far more extensive than the UK's, although it's recently lost a sizeable chunk of its Hollywood films.
Netflix will suggest that if you want to pay what you currently pay you still can, but you'll only get SD on a single screen.

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