April 19, 2016

Yet another price rise for Virgin Media customers

From the Community Forums:

We’re raising our prices because Sky is increasing their cost to us
Sky has increased the cost for Sky Movies and Sky Sports to their customers including us, and unfortunately this means we’re having to pass on the increase to our customers too, from June 1st 2016.
This way we can continue to show you all the best sport and movie channels in HD and over 1000 movies on demand.
We’re campaigning for a fairer deal for fans
The way live Premier League rights are sold is continuing to drive up the price for broadcasting live games. We’re campaigning for #moreballs, so we’ve asked the regulator Ofcom to look into the way TV rights are auctioned, to secure more games and a better deal for UK football fans. Currently, an element of these price rises eventually ends up hitting the pockets of fans.
Whilst we don’t agree with the bidding system, the customer is the most important focus for Virgin Media. Throughout 2016, we will continue to increase both the sports and entertainment content on Virgin Media TV.
We’re bringing you an unmissable sports and movies line-up
More Premier League action than ever next season – exclusive live coverage of every available game whether on BT or Sky (including 126 games in total on Sky Sports, 10 more than this season), plus all the new Friday Night football and Super Sunday action.
Exclusive live coverage of all the golf majors from Sky Sports, the new home of golf – including The Open at Royal Troon for the first time, plus all the play from The Ryder Cup, the European Tour and PGA Tour.
Every practice, qualifying and race in the Formula One™ calendar – with more than half of them shown exclusively live on Sky Sports.
More of the latest blockbusters – five new premieres a week on Sky Movies, many shown 12 months before online subscription services, so get ready for Jurassic World, Ricki and the Flash, Hot Pursuit and loads more.
Exclusive pop-up channels and movie seasons – so you can enjoy the greatest collections of Hollywood hits, with the likes of Sky Movies May the 4th Be With You and Queens of Comedy.
So, more balls (to use VM’s own phrase) from Virgin and Sky. Sky satellite customers are getting a similar hike, too, but I’ve not seen anything announced yet for Now customers. Sky Q customers are getting a hike on that service too, just weeks after it started shipping to paying customers.

Interesting that the VM announcement, currently tucked away in their Community Boards, doesn’t mention how much the increase is. I hear it’s £2.50 a month, which is on top of the increase we all saw earlier this year.
Bloody hell.


RodHull said...

I'm assuming that this will only affect those with Sky Sports or Movies in their package, not us plebs with just Sky One, Arts, News etc?

RodHull said...

I'm assuming that this will only affect those with Sky Sports or Movies in their package, not us plebs with just Sky One, Arts, News etc?

Chris Till said...

If I were to subscribe for streaming plans for every sport I follow, it would still be far more expensive or not available at all so it's not that big a deal. The real problem is paying for sports you have less interest in. I imagine football rights account for more than half to 75% of the total, and I don't watch football that much.

As far as movies, NOW TV movies would be a better option since it has on demand streaming as well as live streaming access to the sky movies channels. And many of us are already used to using Netflix or Amazon prime for extra streaming content.

Irishmanc said...

When Sky increase their prices Virgin Media have no choice but to put their price up they certainly aren't going to run at a loss for channels which constantly advertise how good Sky TV is. As long as Virgin Media font do the same as they did with BT Sport and increase everyone price because of BT sports European channel then customers should realise it's a Sky increase that Virgin Media is being forced to pass on.