August 02, 2016

Sky Sports in Ultra HD launches August 13th

And, no great surprise, it’s exclusive to the new Sky Q platform. There’s an interesting article here about the 4k Sky Sports coverage:

It’s heartening to see that our humble HD service won’t be affected: 
Will the UHD broadcast have a negative impact on Sky’s high-def customers? Steve Smith, director of Sky Sports Productions doesn’t think so, naturally. “The first thing to make sure is the HD picture doesn’t get any worse for subscribers who won’t be using the 4K broadcast. We definitely don’t want to downgrade their experience.”

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halcyondays said...

I was watching BT Sport football and it looks like crap compared to watching maybe a BBC broadcast. They have Ultra HD footy on their service and am sure they downgrade the full hd image quality. I'm pretty sure Sky will do the same.
I have a 4K TV and have compared different sauces and BBC HD and ITV Footy are both better than BT Sport. i expect the same with Sky.