August 15, 2016

TiVo update details from Virgin Media

The update, which will see all Virgin Media TiVo boxes updated automatically over the next few weeks, will give the existing box some fresh new features to help search, find and save content on the service.
Virgin Media TV customers will be able to access the programmes they love more easily, with fewer clicks to content and more images. Through a new feature called Series Link+ customers will also be able to pull together more of the TV they love into one place  - from live TV channels, on demand and online services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
David Bouchier, Chief Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media, said:  “This update gives our box an even more intuitive intelligence while, crucially, retaining many of the familiar features  we know our customers love.  Series Link+ takes the convenience of finding and saving series to the next level by breaking down the divisions between traditional TV and on demand programming. 
“Series Link + will be available to all of our TiVo households, simplifying TV and bringing people closer to the TV they love.  This is yet another example of the work we’re doing upgrading Virgin TV, so keep your eyes peeled for more later this year.”
The main features included in this update are:
  • Smart search – found in on demand and catch up menus right at the top, it requires only the first letter of the programme title and the box does the rest to find the shows you love.
  • Series Link+ - this is all about bringing programmes together, no matter where they sit. By setting a Series Link+ for a particular programme Virgin Media’s TiVo box will not only record the entire series but will also find all of the related episodes available on demand and on platforms such as Netflix. All of these episodes will be put into one handy folder (My Shows) ready to watch whenever.
  • Fewer lists, less text, more images – On demand programmes will now appear as image-based tiles and subtle changes such as changing channel names to channel logos help to improve the functionality and access to the best programmes.
  • Continue watching – for years Virgin Media customers have been able to continue where they left off on their recordings; this feature will now apply to all on demand TV too.
  • Bookmarking – sifting through hours and hours of different boxsets and movies can be a tough task, but saving programmes and movies has now got much easier. Virgin Media customers can easily bookmark any programme whether it’s on normal TV, on demand or on Netflix. These programmes will all be put in a handy folder and in My Shows so that viewers can more easily get to the TV they love.
This update comes as Virgin Media is making significant changes to its TV service this year with an improved user interface, exclusive programming and a new set top box – the V6.


Andy said...

This update is utter garbage! You overwrote my default series links with HD! Clogging up my box meaning it got to 100% overnight and I missed shows. Looking in my shows, it's an utter mess. I'm recording the Olympics and it's now full of previous days that I've already recorded, watched and deleted. Numerous other problems, if I series link BBC1, it undoes the BBC4 link, this worked fine before. I have missed crucial moments of the Olympics due to this shoddy rollout. The list goes on... I've got a programme on BBC4 that is recording right now, if I start it from my shows it starts at the beginning but won't let me fast forward or skip, if I go to the live channel it won't let me rewind.

This is seriously crap.

Nialli said...

I suggest you contact Virgin Media - this site is not run by Virgin.

Peter Skelton said...

As anyone noticed you no longer have an HD section in the movies on demand (Sky Cinema) before the upgrade you could choose a movie in HD.

And dont tell me all the movies are in HD, ive just gone to watch Underworld and its definitely in SD poor poor poor quality and disappointing.

Arfa Daily said...

“This update gives our box an even more intuitive intelligence while, crucially, retaining many of the familiar features we know our customers love."

I guess that still means that the crap 'minutes padding' system will be in use, rather than using the transmitted embedded metadata to control late programme recording then ... :-(


David Wood said...

Since the update my TiVo has become unbelievably slow. For instance if I press My Shows it takes about 20 seconds to respond. Sometimes it takes so long I start to question if I have actually pressed the button. As for YouTube and catch up, absolutely will not run, both buffer constantly

Unknown said...

Hello David. I'm having same issues. All my buttons take 20 seconds to respond.
Have u found a solution to this?