November 11, 2016

TiVo preparing Mavrik Cloud solution

According to reports in the US TiVo appears to be preparing a new set-top called Mavrik that would stream video content over the web. It’s more than idle speculation though, as TiVo’s own web site already has published a page on how to ‘setup’ the Mavrik (since taken down).
There is no other information at the TiVo site on what the Mavrik does, but word is that it's the new incarnation of Mantis, the Cloud based DVR.
A little more info here:

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Unknown said...

Really interesting that the leaked pictures also look very similar to the picture of the v6 Tivo box tweeted by VM earlier this year.
VM hinted a while back that they would consider 'cloud' based DVR functions and looking at this new Tivo box it seems to provide just that.
I'd imagine that people may have the choice of making a recording available to the cloud.