March 02, 2009

BBC HD highlights this week

Broadcasting now for 8 hours a day (5pm - 1am -ish) and pretty strong on original programming at the moment - BBC HD may have some odd regulars (has any one watched Doctors or Raven in HD?) but it's improving almost every week. Here are the highlights for the first week in March
9pm Heroes (BBC2 simulcast)
10pm Who Do You Think You Are?


8pm Timewatch QE2 - The Final Voyage
9pm Touring Britain The Victorian Way
10pm Mad Men


9pm Nature's Great Events (the best HD showcase around today - last week's was the best HD I've seen this year)
11pm This Way Up (Oscar winning short animation)


9pm Darwin's Dangerous Idea


10.35pm Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (not much of a highlight - Friday's being a pretty weak night at the moment on the channel)

Weekend: nothing really of note. Sunday has Damages and Victorians, but most of the weekend's schedule is repeats I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

My only gripe is the sound and zoom effects which accompanies the Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections. The constant "whooshing" and fast zooming make it unwatchable - for me anyway!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if/when Match of the day will be shown in HD? Most of the games covered are already shot in HD, assume they share some of the pictures that are shot?

Just desperate for Sport in HD on Virgin. Hanging on to ITV HD pipedream for England and FA Cup games!

demented said...

MOTD was mentioned some time ago by the head of sports. Basically they will film regular MOTD in HD but not until 2010 and 2011 because the beeb doesn't have the studio space for it. They will do the odd thing in HD by getting an OB unit for the WC or FA Cup events etc. This sucks but maybe they'll change their minds.

In anycase I doubt it'd be on BBC HD on a Saturday or Sunday as the limited schedule is already clogged up, particularly Saturday night where reality/celebrity competitions hog the schedule for much of the year. Perhaps between 11pm and 1am. Who knows.

You'll see ITV HD on virgin media a long, long time before MOTD makes a regular appearance in HD.

Nialli said...

As Demented says, ITV HD, with its Champions League, FA Cup and England Internationals coverage, should be with us "soon", whereas MoTD is probably some time away.
BBC HD's previous coverage of football has been something of a mixed bag - a few of the FA Cup matches last year were very poor PQ. But the BBC team seems to have sorted out live coverage of the Six Nations this year...just in time for them to lose all of their live football!