March 21, 2009

Six Nations rugby on BBC HD

Two games today on BBC HD:
15.15 England v Scotland
17.20 Wales v Ireland
Which is followed by a half hour studio discussion on this year's tournament at 19.30

Later on Saturday evening at 22.45 is a BBC drama Trauma starring Colin Firth - click the link for more details.


Chris said...

Does anyone know if they're planning on broadcasting F1 in HD?

Nialli said...

From what's been said to date by the BBC, F1 will not be broadcast in HD this season. According to BBC HD supremo Danielle Nagler: "A decision about F1 and HD sits primarily with the rights holder (F1/Bernie Ecclestone), rather than with the BBC. We are keen to do it as soon as possible." There may be some Grand Prix in HD later in the season (maybe the British GP?) but nothing's been confirmed yet.

BikeNutt said...

F1 speculation here: -

OK, only 1 race, the last one, but it's a start...

Chris said...

The BBC reckon it's down to FOM (Formula 1 Management) that they're not getting HD (something to do with how they get the feed from F1 and they don't use HD cameras).

It's ridiculous really given how much money is in F1 that they can't stump up for HD cameras - they managed it for the Olympics and there's nothing like the money in that there is in F1.

Given the waning fan base I would have thought they'd be doing everything in their power to get people viewing F1.

Anyway, rant over... :-)