March 17, 2009

More on next gen TV from Virgin Media

Couple of interested comments posted to the story below about Cable Congress this week that I'm promoting to their own post so that they don't get lost:
The next-generation service delivery gateway architecture being discussed by Motorola and Virgin Media is proposed to deliver advanced multimedia services, such as:
* Multi-room TV – the ability to watch recorded content from any TV or PC in the house
* Converged entertainment services across three screens – PC, TV and mobile
* Media Mobility – moving your content from device to device and taking it on-the-go
* Customizable user interfaces.

Visitors to Motorola’s stand (#25) will experience the company’s next-generation technology showcase, developed in conjunction with Virgin Media, which demonstrates the drive towards a less complex delivery of the personalized viewing experience.

Full story here

And Jasmeet 181 has also sent this link Virgin Media, Where Are We Now? to three tantalising slides of Virgin's IP vision


Stodge said...

So you can choose to rush to Sky for the wide selection of HD channels they have now, putting up with the unreliable hardware (that you are buying rather than renting) and higher costs. Or hang on with Virgin Media, who will eventually get the HD channels anyway and will in the future offer far more than Sky can ever dream of (as that described in this post).

I've just dumped Sky for Virgin and am very happy with my decision.

Anonymous said...

I just jumped the opposite way Stodge. The thing is, it's a two way street. If Virgin ups it's game then all I have to do is switch back. People on this blog seem to treat this choice as crossing some sort of chasm where the bridge collapses behind them. Not so. It's just a 12 month contract. I'm very glad you're happy with VM. I wasn't and a lot of VM-ites here are fed up of being spooled rhetorical tripe about what is "Coming soon" on VM..

anonymous said...

It all looks very impressive. But is the sort of thing I'd expect at the end of the next decade, not 2010.

I would love IPTV to launch so cable can go beyond their "cabled" bit, the long term viability of the company hinges on it I believe.

The avinity stuff is very interesting.