October 05, 2009

This week on Virgin Media HD

A few things you may want to check out this week:
  • The rather marvelous run of ESPN HD premiership games continue tonight with a potential cracker: Man City v Villa, kicking off at 8pm
  • Living HD kicks off at 7am tomorrow morning (Tuesday 6th) and its first day's programming includes episodes of Charmed, Ghost Whisperer and CSI
  • BBC HD showcases the second series of Criminal Justice every night this week at 9pm. That'll fill your V+ disc up in no time...
  • 4HD has season one of True Blood from the beginning, kicking off on Wednesday for those who missed it on FX. After a so-so start it really picks up and is worth staying with. Word is that season two (just finished in the US) is outstanding.


Dan said...

To be picky, I thought season 2 of True Blood was excellent until about ep9, then it went very badly downhill. A real shooting-itself-in-the-foot moment. But a great show, worth watching. It takes about 5 eps of S1 before it really takes grip.

lee said...

IT's great that on my PS3 I've got a link straight into iPlayer, alas, no HD option on there oddly, which would be great as it's hooked up by HDMI!

OLU said...

we getting season 2 TRUE BLOOD FX-HD
Any one knows about this


Nialli said...

I'd expect season 2 of True Blood to appear on FX next year, most likely after Channel 4 finishes showing the first season. It's replaced on the FX schedule by the US version of Life on Mars, which runs for 17 episodes, so it may return after that has run it's course.

tvsersity said...

Is it any wonder people torrent the latest shows when the UK is still an entire season behind... It's laughable. The TV studios really have to raise their game if they want people to watch the ad filled local TV broadcasts.

As for True Blood, it never clicked for me and I got bored of it. I think there is better US drama around, most notably Mad Men. (now on it's third season, but not in the UK of course)

And a quick point about iPlayer on the PS3 - it's running through flash and the PS3's flash implementation is very slow. That's why iPlayer feeds the PS3 a low quality low res stream, anything higher quality wouldn't play. Had it been done in a native app using H.264, then of course 1080p would have been a walk in the park for a PS3.