October 16, 2009

Vote and let VM know your opinion on possible additional HD channels

As mentionned earlier this week, Virgin Media has been doing some small scale polling of customers asking for their views on adding to the HD line up. As that particular research appears to have finished, I thought I'd ask the same questions regarding possible additional HD channels here, then I can submit the results to VM for their consideration.
I think the key questions on the questionnaire related to willingness to pay £3-£5 for extra bundles of channels, so I've set up four polls on the right relating to the following bundles of channels.
Standard HD
Crime and Investgation HD
Discovery HD
History HD
Luxe HD
Bio HD
National Geo Wild HD
Rush HD
Eurosport HD
Good Food HD
Sundance HD

Sky HD
Sky 1 HD
Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
Sky Real lives HD

Sky Sports HD
Sky Sports 1 HD
Sky Sports 2 HD
Sky Sports 3 HD

Sky Movies HD
Sky Movies Premiere, Family, etc


Mark said...

Why break it down so much? People are obviously either adverse to paying for HD content or not.
I suppose it might be interesting to see if there are some diehards who would refuse to pay for Sky HD channels while being happy to pay for HD from other providers.

Nialli said...

Just keeping it consistent with the way VM asked the question.

Nialli said...

(posted that before finishing!)
What I'd expect is that if these bundles all became available (which I'm a little sceptical of) then it would be something like £3 per bundle, or all four for £10.

Dan said...

For me, I just want Sky1 HD as many of my favourite shows are on that channel. I'd pay £3 extra for that privilege, yes. If they could throw in a E4 and Sci-Fi HD, I'd pay £5 extra, too. I have blu-rays for films and I don't watch sports, so everything else is just a bonus for me.

Matthew said...

I would be very interested in subscribing to any additional HD channels but the main ones for me would be Sky Sports and the movies. Indeed I was close to leaving Virgin purely for these channels.

Would comfortably pay £10 a month if not more.

Do we really think this could possibly happen though?

lee said...

I'm having a guess that there WOULD be a surchage, mainly because it would cover the (extortinate) price that Sky give VM to pay for the content.

Mainly Sky1 for me (but even then, only stargate, 24, fringe and the simpsons!) and Syfy (is it called that here yet) in HD would be ace!

Tom Chiverton said...

I'm already paying extra to get a HD capable box, and now VM plan to ask extra to get more than a couple of them ? Crazy...

Nialli said...

There's nothing saying that they're planning anything. They have been doing some research to see how popular different HD options may be.
You'll never see Sky HD channels cheaper on cable than they are on satellite.

jong said...

I might be persuaded to pay £3-£5 (mayeb even £6!) to get all the premium channels I subscribe to that are available in HD in HD. But I would not pay 4*£5 (or even £10) for all the different packages, or £5 for just one of them.

OLU said...

well i guess i would pay 5pound for HD movies CHANNELS and i would have too stop paying £5 am paying you then Picturebox

only paying 4 the picturebox cause of the little HD showing

lot of people paying £5 or so for HD box NOW they thinking of asking us pay more FOR HD CHANNELS !

maybe THEY should just CLOSE DOWN AND LET US ALL JUST move to shy

Mark said...

Some points:
There is currently no E4 HD channel on any platform
The extra subscription required for a V+ is to pay for it's PVR functions,not it's Hd capability.
Not "crazy", just misunderstood.
I see little point in presenting the results of the poll to Virgin since the respondents will undoubtedly be the same as those who recently followed Cableforum and Digital Spy links or who received an E-Mail containing their survey from Virgin direct.

Nialli said...

E4 - I know it's not around, but it was one of those listed by Virgin on the questionnaire.
Will Virgin pay attention? Who knows? The petition run on this blog was probably pretty minimal impact too, but it didn't do anything negative to our chances of securing more HD channels on VM. I have the same view on this poll, and it's interesting to see what people think.

Mark said...

Yes I agree it's interesting, but presenting it to Virgin won't make it any more valid than their own research which undoubtedly garnered the same responses from largely the same group of people!
Still, if you really must pimp this blog to Virgin at every opportunity...

Are you after a job with them or something?

Nialli said...

Pimp my blog? Now I've heard everything...

Mark said...
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Mark said...

The point is that it's acceptable to duplicate Virgin's own research here on your blog because of it's undoubted interest for those who want some idea of the responses Virgin will have received. However, to then send this duplicate research result to the originators is a purely pointless exercise since Virgin won't be adding the results to their own survey largely because many of the respondents will have replied to both. The only other reason I can think of sending your results to Virgin is to promote your blog again.

Mark said...

I see the poll result is inconclusive; with those prepared to pay evenly balanced with those who won't pay for all four questions.
Only the first question has any real majority (narrowly on the won't pay side), but this is hardly surprising as Virgin currently doesn't charge for the standard HD channels!