October 01, 2009

Sky HD adds another movie channel

Sky Movies Indie HD is added to the satellite HD subscriber's multitude of movie offerings on October 26th. Details here. I'm a big fan of independent film but must admit I have two problems with this Sky channel: it's far too repetitive, and why can't it be called "Independent Cinema" or something a little less like a George Lucas-dedicated channel?!


Mark said...

The repetitive nature of multi-channel TV is already well known. It's been far more obvious to Virgin customers whose only HD has been from the BBC for so long.
AS for the channel's name, I agree it's just as bad as "Dave" etc.

Nialli said...

Agree on the repetitive nature of channels; it's not a problem when there are so many though. All the Sky movie channels repeat frequently (as does Film4) but I guess I notice it more with "Indie" as it could be cast its particular net wider (a la Film4) and show more world cinema and Sundance kinda stuff.