September 30, 2009

Living HD test broadcast begin

With just a few days left until it launches, Living HD is testing in high def now.
Looks like it will be a cable exclusive at launch, which is somewhat surprising.


Tom Chiverton said...

It'll be cable only so as to be available as a bargaining chip to get Sky HD on their network...

Mark said...

"We'll give you our ONE HD exclusive channel in return for TWENTY-FIVE of yours!"

lee said...

I'm surprised that there hasn't been any attempt of "Why don't we give you some of our kick-ass broadband network in exchange for some HD content?"

(well, not publicly at least)

tvsersity said...

Virgin's broadband is worth a lot more than Sky's HD channels. Linear TV is not going to last forever, and the future will be IP driven content delivery. Virgin are not exactly world leaders (far, far from it), but they're the top of the pile in the UK and over the next 5-10 years that should really pay off.

lee said...

Yeah I think you're right, tvsersity.

IP tv is looking very good, and the alledged testing screens from Virgin's future (coming soon, I'm sure) screens for navigating look amazing.

So here's hoping that VM really will push ahead. Let's be honest, VM ARE ahead of Sky in so many areas, and HD is about the only area where Sky are ahead of VM in terms of service (content), whereas VM have better broadband, on-demand, 3 tuners on their box, fibre optic, blah blah blah.

So, on balance, Sky are wayyyy behind VM, it's just because this IS an HD blog - perhaps we are guilty of sometimes seeing VM as lagging behind so badly as we concentrate merely on one aspect of service.

Gosh, I need my own blog!! :)

Mark said...

"Sky are waaay behind Virgin"
Apart from having over nine million subscribers and not owing £billions you mean?