September 05, 2009

3D TV failing to set pulses racing

The film studios, TV manufacturers and Sky may all be doing their best to whip some enthusiasm for 3D, but it appears that few of you are excited by the prospect at this stage in its evolution.
A poll conducted on this blog pulled 420 votes, but only 12% of respondents thought that 3D TV was "very important" whilst over a third said they felt it was a fad and not important at all, and another third felt it a niche service at best. 16% considered it moderately important but not essential.
I have to say I remain sceptical myself - as a glasses-wearer I've found 3D in its various guises to be an uncomfortable experience at best, but even the idea of the technology in new sets not requiring glasses doesn't set my pulse racing either. Some in Hollywood may believe it's the future but frankly I can't see it happening with movies apart from the summer comic book blockbusters and kids films.
Give me quality HD over a 3D headache any day...


IT_Fan/atic said...

I agree with all you said in this post. Even though I don't wear glasses, I can see how it would be uncomfortable for a glasses wearer to watch these 3D programmes and films.

I personally think it's a waste of money. It could be spent on enhancing the current technologies that we already have.

Will we need a new TV to view these 3D films ? And will it actually be possible to have a standard HD Ready television showing a 3D programme and being aboe to watch it without and other enhancements (like 3D glasses) ?

tvsersity said...

3D headache is right. IMAX 3D is impressive (even though it dulls everything down) but it gives me a severe headache after about 15 minutes or so.

Jay said...

3D is impressive for the first couple of mins in films (Ice Age 3D, UP, PolarE etc) but to watch it all the way through does give people headaches and soon you reach to take those glasses off (even proper cinema ones, not even going on the awful red/blue ones!) Its a fad, not until star wars proper '3D' where you can walk around the object, tv images are NOT 3D anyway!