September 04, 2009

Virgin On Demand Listings available online

It has taken years, but finally Virgin is publishing its On Demand programming on the Virgin Media website. Hurrah!
Here's the URL for the HD programmes available online:
If you click on a programme title it explains where you can find it in the maze of the EPG. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you how long a programme is going to be available or what may be coming next, but it's a damn sight more efficient than scrolling through menus on the EPG trying to find the stuff. Appears to be fully searchable and sortable, too.
(Doesn't appear to include all of the Filmflex HD films though - just one or two.)


depressed_not_emo said...
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IT_Fan/atic said...

Thanks for telling us!

I have just checked the HD movies page though and there are 23 films listed =D - it looks like things are finally starting to move along.

Steve Sims said...

Unfortunately, these listings are useless.

I haven't specifically checked HD listings, but if you take the example of Chuck, you will find programs listed. These programs are no longer available, and have not been for a week or more.

IT_Fan/atic said...

They do say that the listings are updated every 24 hours. Obviously they don't - which is a shame :(