September 27, 2009

HD info added to on-screen programme descriptions

If it's broadcast in HD, Virgin's on-screen programme information now seems to show it in the programme details (i on the remote). Not sure how long this info has been there (only saw it today - it may have been introduced a while back) but it may prove useful.
Incidentally, they are also showing the Sky channels' HD tags too, which must be an error in the feed Virgin uses.
(I also noticed the last edition of VM's Electric magazine listed certain Sky Movies as being available in HD, which of course they aren't - unless you're a Sky HD customer.)


lee said...

Some interesting errors there, or..."coming soon"?

Nialli said...

I wouldn't read anything into it - an operational error rather than a "coming soon" methinks

lee said...

Maybe, but it's fun to think ;)