September 06, 2009

Picturebox HD with surround sound

Thanks to Brian who emailed me to let me know that some PictureBox HD movies are now with surround sound (Hot Fuzz is, not sure about the others). I don't know if it's Dolby Digital 5.1 or not though - see this discussion over on Cable Forum for more debate


Alexei said...

Well that's almost good! Except when they show foreign films there's no subtitles! I so wanted to watch Brotherhood of the wolf but no subtitles? Modern technology ey?

mattbuk said...

I had Picturebox for just over a month, then removed it. The films were not good enough, even for ~£ a month

Sean said...

I have PictureBox as part of my staff package, Its worth every penny, I am getting Dolby 5.1 on all movies, SD and HD! Love the service, Thanks VM and Universal Pictures :D