September 01, 2009

C4 HD picking up

August is always a poor month on Channel 4 (unless you like Big Brother) and it's been a particularly dry time for those of us sampling C4HD for the first time. Mercifully, September sees things pick up on the channel especially with films and here are some of the HD programmes coming our way for the week from Saturday:


19.05 and 20.05 ER
21.00 Film: World Trade Center
23.30 Film: Hustle & Flow
01.40 Film: Mean Creek


09.25 Hollyoaks Omnibus (and every week day at 18.30)
13.00 Teen Choice Awards
14.50 Ugly Betty
20.00 Come Dine With Me
22.40 Film: Lucky Number Slevin


23.10 Film: Straightheads


23.35 Coming Up
00.05 The Kevin Bishop Show


13.20 Film: Batman (1966)


13.25 Film: Fantastic Voyage
01.15 Film: Against the Ropes


01.10 Film: Knights of the South Bronx

It's still not brilliant (but you can't blame Virgin for that) and it's disapponting that so many of C4's new homegrown programmes are still only in SD (Jaime Oliver, Dispatches, Location Location etc) but the films are most welcome.


BikeNutt said...

Lucky number Slevin is a top film. One of my fave HD DVD's.

OLU said...

seems CH4 Line up for september NOT really BAD

Let just hope they be ALL or MOSTLY be in HD tho.

LIVING HD COMING OUT SOON but when you check it out it dont look HD one bit tho, Maybe its because its not OUT yet or they still working on it till it really come's OUT

hmmmm Finger's X.

BikeNutt said...

The LivingHD barker is SD - and very poor SD at that!

It's there to entice non V+ customers (or V+ customers without XL) to upgrade.